TITLE: HP BIOS and System Firmware (R91)

VERSION: 01.04.02 REV: A PASS: 1
This package creates files that contain an image of the System BIOS (ROM) for
the supported HP Elite x2 G4 models with an R91 family ROM. This package is used
to flash the System ROM on a supported notebook.

PURPOSE: Routine
SOFTPAQ FILE NAME: sp101379.exe
SOFTPAQ MD5: 3b44d71954bb16d12dd375df00c83536
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 06, 2020


HP Elite x2

Microsoft Windows 10 All Editions (64-bit)


- Adds a feature to support the Automatic DriveLock feature in the F10 setup
interface for Pyrite NVMe SSD.
- Updates Intel Management Engine (ME) Firmware to v12.0.49.1534.
- Adds a feature to query DriveLock settings using the HP BIOS Configuration
Utility (BCU).
- Provides separate Administrator and User DriveLock passwords in the F10 setup
- Adds hidden hotkeys that are activated by pressing Fn+E for the insert
function and Fn+W for the pause function.
- Adds a feature to enable pre-boot DMA protection for PCIe slot/expansion.
- Enhances the default Sure View brightness setting.
- Enhances boot time when the system is powered on without Thunderbolt devices
- Updates Cypress CCG5 PD firmware to v1.5 for compatibility enhancement.
- Updates Cypress CCG5c PD firmware to v1.8 for compatibility enhancement.

- Provides the following firmware:

EC/SIO Firmware, version 62.48.00/64.09.00
Cypress PD Firmware (CCG5C), version 1.8
Cypress PD Firmware (CCG5), version 1.5
Intel Legacy vBIOS, version 9.2.1017
Intel GOP EFI Driver, version 9.0.1093.A02
PXE Option ROM, version 0.1.14
PXE UEFI Driver, version 0.0.23,
PXE UEFI Driver - DisplayLink, version NR-133082-LS-1
PXE UEFI Driver - Realtek, version 2.024
Management Engine (ME) Firmware, version
Intel Sensor Hub Firmware, version
Intel Thunderbolt Firmware, version

- Fixes an issue where the special symbol display is not correct if the F10
setup interface is changed to the Russian language.
- Fixes an issue where the system prompts for Power on Authentication with BIOS
Administrator and POST Power-On Password options before a scheduled BIOS update
is run.
- Fixes an issue which causes the system to boot slower than expected when a
network cable is used to connect the system to a Dell or Targus USB Display Link
- Fixes an issue that occurs on a system that is configured to run updates from
a proxy server. The BIOS does not update and the system displays the error
message, Failed to determine if new BIOS is available, when the update is run
without setting the Proxy Server in F10 setup interface.
- Fixes an issue where the batteries do not recharge properly when the system is
continuously connected to an AC power source.
- Fixes an issue where extra characters are incorrectly displayed in the help
message of the Intel Management Engine (ME) option.
- Fixes an issue where the HP Sure Recover help message does not display
properly and is truncated when the BIOS display language is set to Simplified
Chinese or Traditional Chinese.
- Fixes an issue where certain characters are not displayed correctly by the
pre-boot touch screen keyboard.
- Fixes an issue that occurs when the system attempts to update firmware via FTP
server with proxy from F10 setup interface where the system reports the error,
Failure during data transfer (maximum downloaded content size exceeded).
- Fixes an issue on a system that has both Enhanced BIOS Authentication Mode and
Prompt for Admin Authentication on Capsule Update enabled in the F10 setup
interface where a BIOS update fails and the system displays the message, BIOS
Admin Failed Authentication.
- Fixes an issue where BIOS crisis recovery in UEFI mode does not run properly
from a USB A key.


1. Download the file by clicking the Download or Obtain Software button and
saving the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where
the downloaded file is saved).

2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Copyright (c) 2020 HP Development Company, L.P.