TITLE: HP Firmware Pack (Q78)

VERSION: 01.03.00 REV: A PASS: 1
This package creates files that contain an image of the System BIOS (ROM) for
the supported notebook models with a Q78 family ROM. This package is used to
flash the System ROM on a supported notebook.

PURPOSE: Critical
SOFTPAQ FILE NAME: sp90168.exe
SOFTPAQ MD5: 7c542286929c7a12a20360148e9a0360
EFFECTIVE DATE: August 22, 2018


HP EliteBook 840 G5 Notebook PC
HP EliteBook 846 G5 Notebook PC
HP EliteBook 850 G5 Notebook PC
HP ZBook 14u G5 Mobile Workstation
HP ZBook 15u G5 Mobile Workstation
HP EliteBook 840 G5 Healthcare Edition Notebook PC
HP EliteBook 846 G5 Healthcare Edition Notebook PC
HP EliteBook 830 G5 Notebook PC
HP EliteBook 836 G5 Notebook PC

Microsoft Windows 10 All Editions (64-bit)


- Provides WoL (Wake on LAN) for systems that support only an external NIC.
- Adds PXE boot support for a system using a LAN dongle or a dock to connect to
a network when USB Storage Boot is disable in the F10 setup interface.
- Adds a feature in the F10 setup interface to generate and store BIOS event
- Adds the number of processor cores, the audio codec information, and installed
drive information to the System Information tab of F10 setup interface.
Improved Japanese touch keyboard.
- Provides security update with new Management Engine firmware.
- Updates the CCG5 Power Delivery firmware to v6.13.
- Adds a feature in the F10 BIOS setup menu to enable and disable special
function keys.
Adds the Battery Health Manager feature to the F10 setup interface.
- Adds the HBMA (Host Base Mac Address) address in the DSDT table for the NIC
(Network Interface Card) driver.
- Provides the ability to roll back the BIOS to the previous version directly in
non-delay mode (operating system without EFI partition).
- Update thermal algorithm to improve fan still running high with very low
(1-2%) CPU utilization.

- Fixes an issue where the function keys in POST do not function properly after
deploy system via SCCM (Systems Center Configuration Manager).
- Fixes an issue where the system stops functioning (hangs) when the system is
restarted after the system is connected to an ABKO K6000 mechanical keyboard.
- Fixes an issue where system stops functioning (hangs) during POST when an
EMDEP USB analyzer is run on the system.
- Fixes an issue where custom Secure Boot keys do not import properly into the
Linux OS.
- Fixes an issue with a Toshiba NVMe SSD installed where the system stops
functioning after Secure Erase is run on the drive.
- Fixes an issue where OPAL Hard Drive Authentication PPIs continually appear
when OPAL Hard Drive SID Authentication, the Sure Start BIOS Settings Protection
option, and the Physical Presence Interface option are enabled at the same time.
- Fixes an issue where the values of Remote HP PC Hardware Diagnostics cannot be
restored to default values after BIOS is reset using, Apply factory defaults and
- Fixes an issue where the Secure Boot Configuration is set to Legacy Support
Disabled and Secure Boot Enabled after Reset Secure Boot keys to factory
defaults is run.
- Fixes an issue where the system stops functioning when CustomLogoApp.efi is
run in UEFI mode and BIOS the password is set.
- Fixes an issue where attempting to update the system using the F10 setup
interface with Custom URL causes an error and the system displays the message,
Failure during data transfer (internal error).
- Fixes an issue where the Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework (DPTF) setting
cannot be restored using Restore current settings from USB devices.
- Fixes an issue where the Thunderbolt Security level select option disappears
after Require BIOS PW to change The Thunderbolt Security level is enabled.
- Fixes an issue where running Windows System Restore from Recovery Manager with
HP Sure Run enabled causes the system to shutdown unexpectedly.
- Fixes an issue where the HP Sure View backlight control does not function
properly on systems running a Linux operating system.
- Fixes an issue where connecting a 36W power source to the system using the USB
Type-C port causes HP Notifications to be displayed unexpectedly.
- Fixes an issue where a system that is idle enters sleep mode after 2 minutes
when a USB keyboard or mouse are used to wake the system.


1. Download the file by clicking the Download or Obtain Software button and
saving the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where
the downloaded file is saved).

2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Copyright (c) 2018 HP Development Company, L.P.